Learn From the Children

As an adult, we are burdened with a lot of problems. We have difficult decisions to make and important things to do that makes us erase the smile on our faces. Because of these things, we tend to view life as a difficult and serious endeavor. We tend to view mistakes as failure and by doing this we are creating more pressure to ourselves.
During tough times we often look for a role model. An adviser, a pastor or somebody who we think is better than us. But we have a role model we always overlook. We think they can’t teach us a thing but on the contrary they can teach us a lot. Who are they? They are our children.

“Masdan mo ang mga bata” a Filipino song says we can learn a lot from them. So what are the things that we can learn from the children? Try to watch a child learning to walk. He struggles hard to make just one step and the he falls down but he never gives up until he can walk and soon you’ll see him running. This teaches us not to stop when we fail it teaches us to ignore our failure and keep on going till we reach what we want to achieve.

When a child got hurt he cries but later on you’ll see him smiling enjoying himself. This teaches us to not dwell on the pains of the experience but to move on and leave the thing in the past. If a child was given simple toy you’ll his face light up with full delight. This teaches us to appreciate simple things. If a child holds a piece of wood he can turn it to anything he likes. He can turn it to a toy gun or a toy car. This teaches us to be creative and inventive.

So the next time you see your child don’t miss the opportunity to learn from him. Children can teach us a lot about adult life we never knew, we just have to watch closely and listen to the unuttered word of wisdom only the children have.#


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