Leni’s attack on Duterte gov’t raises eyebrows

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Ezra, the priest… faced the square just inside the Water Gate from early morning until noon and read aloud to everyone who could understand. All the people listened closely to the Book of the Law…” (Nehemiah 8:2-3, the Holy Bible, NLT).


LENI’S ATTACK ON DUTERTE GOV’T RAISES EYEBROWS: Newspapers and other media outlets carried an item on July 13, 2016 which featured Vice President Leni Robredo assailing what she said was a “growing culture of vigilantism and violence” under the Duterte government which, just the other week, accepted her as a member of President Duterte’s official family as the secretary of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC).

Maybe because of the jubilation brought about by the decision of the United Nations Arbitral Tribunal upholding our country’s right to the South China Sea as against China’s encroachments in the area, the grave implication of Leni’s statement, released by her office officially to the media to make sure it gets the desired exposure, appeared to have been glossed over or unrealized by many.

Yet, there were many, however, who raised their eyebrows with Leni’s statement: was it not an attack against the very government that finally agreed to give her a Cabinet post even if there was no duty on the part of Duterte to give her any position? Was it not treachery to a government that gave her gracious accommodation just a few days earlier? Could she not have just talked to Duterte in private about it, in the first place?


WOMEN-PARAMOURS CAN BE LIABLE FOR VIOLENCE VS. WOMEN, TOO: What, if any, is the liability of a woman who agrees to be the paramour of a married man? This is the question of Dionisia P., who said her husband suddenly became violent towards her and their children, refusing even to provide for their daily sustenance after entering into a relationship with another woman.

This is an interesting question, but I am of the view that Republic Act 9262, or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act, already has an answer: the woman lover of the married man—and even her own parents or children or friends who help her pursue her relationship with the man—could also be liable for imprisonment of up to 20 years under this law.

My reason is that, like any other crime, violence against women and children is an offense that can be committed by several persons at the same time, if they all conspired, by their acts or behavior, towards the accomplishment of the criminal purpose. Since an adulterous relationship can be carried out only by a man and a woman, the woman should be equally liable and, if she is aided by others in the illicit relationship, all of them should be held liable, too.


FIFTH BIBLICAL PROOF: BIBLE READING FROM DAYBREAK: Today, let me tackle the fifth proof which members of the Anak ng Diyos Kadugo Ni Kristo (or AND KNK, Children of God Blood Kin of the Christ) Church believe is offered by Bible attesting to the Biblical basis of the AND KNK. This pertains to the manner by which the Church carries out its praise and worship services.

Even from the initial stages of its organization in the Philippines, the AND KNK had been engaged in the reading of the Bible from daybreak until noontime. This was something that, at first, was resorted to by the Church because of the desire of its leaders to finish their praise and worship early in the morning too—early to start, early to finish, or so it appeared.

Yet, as AND KNK leaders studied the Bible more carefully, they found out that even the earliest believers (who were not even called Christians at that point) already had the practice of gathering very early in the morning, and then reading the Scriptures from daybreak until noontime. This account could be found in Nehemiah 8:3, and it confirms what true believers should be doing with their praise and worship services. Praise God!


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