Let’s keep Democracy Alive

In a classroom, a teacher asked a question about the different kinds of government. He asks, “What is dictatorship?” A student says, “ Dictatorship is a type of government wherein the leader also known as the dictator is the sole decision maker in states matter.” The teacher, delighted with what the student answered continues to ask question, “What is Democracy?” One student raised his hand and answered, “Democracy is the type of Government where people are free to elect their Dictator.”

It may be a hackneyed joke but it has much connection to reality if we do not understand how democracy works. Democracy according to the dictionary, is the free and equal representation of all people. Wherein even if you’re poor, you have the right which is equal and the same as that of the rich person. Wherein even if you are against the way the leaders are acting on some states matter, you are free to express your views and opinions as free as those who supports the ideals you are opposing. As Voltaire once said, “ I may not agree with what you said, but I will defend to death your right to say it.” That is the true essence of democracy.

What’s happening in our country nowadays, is totally different. While it is true that we are in a Democratic Government, if you oppose our leader, some people would think they have the right to curse you, demean you and block or hack your social media accounts. A practice that entails our immaturity and our misunderstanding of the essence of Democracy.

Everyone of us is a part of this Government which means everyone is important. Supporters gives boost to the leaders for them to be able to move forward; Critics offers a different view on things, reveal things that was overlooked, and help the leaders learn and improve themselves as we are moving forward; detractors help keep our leaders always on guard and the by-product of it will be productive leaders.

All of us have our part to play in this kind of government. The beauty of Democracy comes from our diversity, let us keep that beauty by respecting the rights of everybody.#


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