Marcos is no hero

The Cordillera Peoples Alliance condemns the burial of the late Dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNB) today. This move is not only a grave insult to the victims of Martial law but an affront to the Filipino people who courageously fought under the darkest years of our history.

Marcos is no hero. He was a puppet, corrupt, human rights violator and dictator.

Under Marcos dictatorship, thousands of Filipinos suffered his acts of terror from extrajudicial killings, rape, enforced disappearances, torture and more forms of human rights violations.

In the Cordillera region, the Marcos dictatorship also unleashed its terror. From Abra to Kalinga, stories of horror were committed against indigenous peoples because of their defense of land, life and resources.

Today, Marcos is buried at the LNB like a thief in the night as he did in 1973 when he declared Martial law. It is the Marcos style all over again.

Along with the victims of Martial law and the majority of the Filipino people who value freedom, peace, and democracy, we will continue to call for justice for the victims and hold the Marcoses of their crimes against the people./
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