Mark Go pressed to answer questions regarding heart condition

Two weeks before the May 9 elections and questions regarding congressional candidate Mark Go’s health and heart condition continue to plague his campaign trail.

The allegations regarding Mark Go’s health first came out in the Facebook Page and in the Administrators of the page, speaking under the condition of anonymity, said they were compelled to make the exposé in the spirit of “truth, fairness, and transparency.” The site alleged that Mark Go had an open-heart surgery and a pacemaker installed in his body.

“The voting public has the right to know about the health of a candidate. This will help them decide whether a candidate can cope with the physical demands of serving the people of Baguio,” one administrator said.

Another page administrator explained that they have done the research on Go’s other congressional rivals. The group found out that incumbent congressman NicasioAliping, Jr. “still runs the marathon” and former congressman Bernardo Vergara “still plays 36 holes of golf twice a week.”

“We have reason to believe that Mark Go intentionally hid this information from the public to protect his reputation and improve his chances of winning the congressional race. The problem with hiding this information is you are not being truthful to your public. His integrity is certainly in question right now,” the page Admin alleged.

The team also alleged that through interviews, parents and students of the Go-owned Berkeley School admitted that they had prayers and get-well-soon cards sent to the businessman during his bypass procedure several years back.

“Mr. Mark Go is definitely is in a dilemma right now. Will he admit his poor heart condition? That will make him honest, but it will jeopardize his chances in the polls. It will also make him admit that he has been lying about his health to the people of Baguio since 2010 when he first ran,” said the page administrator.

In a statement through his official Facebook Page, Mark Go said his life “is not dependent on a pacemaker.” However, he made no mention of his bypass operation or the current health condition of his heart.

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