Martial law critics only want to vilify Duterte

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Your rulers are rebels, partners with thieves; they all love bribes and chase after gifts…” (Isaiah 1:23, the Holy Bible).


CRITICS OF DUTERTE MARTIAL LAW ARE REBELS, TOO: We truly have become a nation of rebels. I mean, look at how many people, particularly the critics and political foes of President, had been reacting to his declaration of martial law in Mindanao. They say martial law is going to be abused, and will result in the desecration of the rule of law. Truly, this behavior is itself rebellion.

Many are even voicing out their concern that Duterte’s martial law will be the same as the martial law imposed by President Marcos in the 1970s, with the insinuation being that Duterte is going to use his own version of martial law to perpetuate himself in power under a system of one-man rule.

This is very pathetic. It is a rabidly and highly partisan, even if grossly unfounded, accusation, unmindful of the situation in Marawi City, where a priest and his followers had been held hostage and in danger of being killed, a young police official had been shot dead by terrorists together with 10 or so other innocent civilians, where government installations including a hospital have been burned, and prisoners had been set free, among others.


CRITICS OF MARTIAL LAW ONLY WANT TO VILIFY DUTERTE: What is more revolting and nauseating here is that, Duterte’s critics and political opponents who are assailing his proclamation of martial law are not even there in Marawi City, where the mayhem is on-going, nor in any other place in Mindanao. How could they dare to criticize the President who, because he is the highest official of the land, has access to ground information?

Clearly, the only thing that matters to these critics is the vilification of Duterte. Their only desire is to derail his actions and reactions, with the end in view of ultimately bringing him and his government down. Their ultimate objective does not pertain one whit to upholding the safety, well being, and the interest of our countrymen.

All they ever want to happen and are concerned about is to wrest power from him so they could take his place. Truly, these people deserve our collective condemnation and denunciation. If what they have been doing now have been done by them during the time of Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung, they have would been lined up against a wall already, and mowed down mercilessly.


PENALTY FOR FIGHTING LEADERS: Undeniably, this is rebellion of the highest order. Too, it constitutes a grossly anti-Biblical behavior. Those who belong to any and all spiritual groups are mandated to subject themselves to the authorities, for the teaching is that there is no authority anywhere in the world that God did not establish.

The authorities that exist were established by God. Whoever would be fighting these authorities would be fighting God Himself, and would therefore bring judgment and punishment upon themselves and their succeeding family generations.

Indeed, we are told: “Fear the Lord and the king, and do not join with rebellious officials…” for sudden destruction will come on those who do not fear God and the authorities, and on those who join cause with rebels. Not fearing God and the authorities, and joining cause with rebels, are what Duterte’s critics and opponents are doing now!


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