Mayor backs declaration of martial law

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan expressed his support to the possible declaration of martial law by President Rodrigo Duterte once there exists a constitutional crisis if it will be the ultimate remedy to instill discipline among the people and to eventually curb the worsening drug trade in the country.

The local chief executive claimed President Duterte is aware of the basis when to declare martial law that is why he is also aware when will martial law be declared in the country.

“There is nothing wrong in the possible declaration of martial law, provided, the elements that will lead to its declaration exists in the country and if it is the only available means to curb the proliferation of illegal drugs and subsequently instill discipline among our people,” Domogan stressed.

It can be recalled that President Duterte warned that he will be forced to declare martial law once the Supreme Court (SC) will continue to unduly intervene in his fight against the illegal drug trade in the country and that such undue intervention will translate to the worsening drug trade that will compromise the bright future for today’s youth.

According to him, it has been observed that the discipline of the people has been significantly affected by intervening factors, one of which is the advancement of information and commination technology, whereby they no longer listen to simple appeal from authorities and even children no longer give importance to the advises of elders.

According to him, the 1987 Constitution outlined the basis for Congress to grant authority to the President to declare martial law for a limited period of time that is why it is now up to the leaders of the legislative branch to ascertain whether or not there is sufficient basis to declare martial law.

He emphasized adopting an appropriate mechanism in order to significantly contribute in curbing the country’s drug menace and instilling discipline among the people will definitely be a tough assignment for the present administration but the way things are going, it will be easy for the President to win the hearts of Filipinos to support his priority programs and projects because of the long overdue clamor for change which is in consonance with the slogan of President Duterte during the elections that change is coming.

Domogan claimed the government’s all-out campaign against the proliferation of illegal drugs in the different parts of the archipelago is gaining ground with bare over a month since the President assumed office and it has been noticeable that other street crimes such as theft, robbery among others have decreased over the past several weeks.

He appealed to barangay officials and local residents to continue cooperating with the present administration’s major programs and projects in order for the country to achieve lasting peace that will contribute in improving the progress and development that the people had been longing for to be able to contribute in uplifting the living condition of majority of the populace in the countryside./By Dexter A. See


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