Mayor clarifies “bagsakan rules” in the city market

BAGUIO CITY – The Baguio City Market Authority (BCMA), Public Order and Safety Division (POSD) officers and personnel together with the wholesalers, suppliers or viajeros/viajeras in the city had a meeting Wednesday, May 24 at the city mayor’s office.

The said meeting was to thrash out some predicaments and allegations of the wholesalers, suppliers or viajeros regarding the implementation of the city’s resolution no 007-2017 of the POSD enforcers.

It is recalled that in order to have an organized and orderly delivery of goods in the city market, the BCMA has set the rules and regulations in unloading goods and products at the designated bagsakan areas through resolution no. 007-2017.

Allegedly, POSD personnel are very rough in implementing and confiscating the goods which upsets the viajeros/viajeras.

On the other hand, it is the mandate of the POSD personnel to implement the rules and regulations set forth by the city.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan encouraged the viajeros/viajeras to follow the designated bagsakan areas as well as to comply with the given time to unload the goods giving emphasis to the “buhos system” where the deliveries using the “buhos system” may utilize the designated bagsakan areas to unload their goods between 1AM to 5AM only and shall not be allowed to use the bagsakan areas after 5AM; deliveries made before 5AM but have not finished distribution of goods shall be given until 6AM to clear the area; goods not using any form of packaging shall be allowed entry via porters and must be delivered directly to the stall without utilizing the bagsakan areas.

With the present rules and regulations, the viajeros/viajeras requested for an extension of time for the unloading of goods to avoid any confiscation which upsets them.

It was agreed upon that viajeros/viajeras of fish and frozen chicken, meat, processed foods will be given until 7AM to unload their goods.

While viajeros/viajeras of fruits and vegetables may unload their goods at the sidewalk of Magsaysay until 7AM.

In cases of unexpected incidents, the viajeros/viajeras will be given consideration to unload their goods at the Upper or second Kayang.

Moreover, Domogan urged viajeros/viajeras to comply with the set rules and regulations to avoid any apprehension and penalties for any violation: first offense-warning; second offense-suspension for one month; and third offense- cancellation of business permit and expulsion from the city market.

“We want to help you in your livelihood but you (viajeros/viajeras) should also follow and comply with the rules and regulations,” said Domogan. /Jho Arranz


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