Mayor clarifies ‘non declaration’ of state of calamity in city

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan backed the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (CDRRMC) in recommending not to declare a State of Calamity for the summer capital during the onslaught of typhoon Lando here.

Domogan clarified certain conditions should be present before a Local Government Unit (LGU) can declare an area in a state of calamity.

The Chief Executive explained guidelines from the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) of the Department of National Defense as the rules to follow during such events.

As per NDCC guidelines, two or more of the following conditions should be met before a province or city may be declared under a state of calamity.

1. At least 20% of the population are affected and in need of emergency assistance or those dwelling units have been destroyed.

2. A great number or at least 40% of the means of livelihood such as bancas, fishing boats, vehicles and the like are destroyed.

3. Major roads and bridges are destroyed and impassable for at least a week, thus disrupting the flow of transport and commerce.

4. Widespread destruction of fishponds, crops, poultry and livestock, and other agricultural products.

5. Disruption of lifelines such as electricity, potable water system, transport system, communication system and other related systems which cannot be restored within one week, except for highly urbanized areas where restoration of the above lifelines cannot be made within 24 hours.

The CDRRMC explained, only condition five was present during the typhoon and not sufficient to declare the city under a state of calamity./Paul Rillorta


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