Mayor Dismayed with the Slow Implementation of Infra Projects in the City

Mayor Dismayed with the Slow Implementation of Infra Projects in the City

June 20, 2015

BAGUIO CITY – With the on-going various Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) infrastructure projects in the city, it is the perception of the public that the slow implementation and completion of public infrastructure projects is a display of insensitivity, irresponsibility and inefficiency of delivery of public service by the implementers and the contractors.

Because of the onset of rainy season, mayor Mauricio Domogan expressed his dismay with the slow implementation of the said infra projects considering that in the previous meeting of the mayor together with the contractors, Domogan advised the latter to conduct a 24 hour work day, to apply latest additive technology especially the curing process, and to sustain flagmen so as to minimize inconvenience of the motorists.

“The city supports the infra projects of DPWH because we also need it,” said Domogan.
However, it was observed that some projects have stopped its implementation which distresses the public and the motorists.

Allegedly, the stoppage of some infra projects is due to lack of heavy equipments to be used by the contractors and shortage of cements.

“There is a serious problem I the implementation of the infra projects,” said the mayor.

He further pointed out that the project implementer should award to the proven contractors (contractors with complete heavy equipments) and not to award to contractors with pending projects in order for the said contractor focus on the proect.

Accordingly, DPWH-BCDEO Engr. Alex Castañeda together with the different contractors will have a meeting with Congressman Nicasio Aliping, Jr. regarding infrastructure projects, hence, Domogan is expecting solutions in addressing the issues and concerns on the implementation of infra projects in the city.

Moreover, to speed up the project implementation and consequently minimize the effects to social and economic activities in the city, Councilor Isabelo Cosalan, Jr. recently proposed an ordinance implementing a 16 man hour work a day in all construction and civil works for roads and other public facilities such as drainage systems, sewer lines, waterlines, communication and power lines that pass through, along or over public thoroughfares in the city of Baguio./Jho Arranz


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