Mayor orders experimental traffic scheme on several roads

Vehicular traffic along Marcoville Road, R. Villaron Street up to the Utility Road near a bus company’s station have reached disturbing and serious level prompting the city’s chief executive to order an experimental traffic scheme in an aim to find solutions for the same.
In Executive No. 169-2019, Mayor Benjamin Magalong ordered the installation of “One Way, No Entry” at the junction of R. Villalon Street and Utility Road as part of the experimental traffic scheme.
The EO directs one-way traffic at Marcoville Road from the driveway of Victory Liner going down to Leonard Wood Road or North Drive with the installation of “One Way, No Entry” signage at the junction of S. Manrique Street and Marcoville Road.
One-way traffic is also ordered along S. Manrique Street going up from Leonard Wood Road or North Drive. Another one-way traffic is directed along V. Martinez Street going to Leonard Wood Road.
Two-way traffic is allowed along R. Villalon Street from junction of V. Martinez Street or in front Tuno-tuno Restaurant.
The experimental traffic scheme will start December 10, 2019. However, the EO did state when the experimental traffic scheme will expire.
The city government is also enforcing an alternative traffic rerouting scheme along South Drive and Park Road going to Baguio Country Club every Saturday since November 30, 2019. Under the scheme, one-way traffic is enforced from South Drive towards Pacdal Road Rotunda.
The city has embarked on several traffic schemes and road closures in an aim to find a better solution to vehicular traffic while awaiting the result of a technical study from the Metro Manila Development Authority believed to ease road congestions in Baguio. / Jessa Mardy P. Samidan


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