Mayor orders inspection of treasure hunting at Convention Center

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan has directed city engineer Edgar Victorio Olpindo, buildings and architecture office head Nazita Banez and representatives from the Department of Public Works and Highways to inspect the treasure-hunting activity at the Baguio Convention Center conducted by Eliseo Cabusao Jr. on Monday.

Cabusao has a permit from the national government thru the National Museum and approval of the local legislature to conduct the treasure hunt at the local landmark which is currently undergoing a year-long rehabilitation.

Despite this, Domogan said that the safety and stability of the convention center’s structure is of paramount consideration and will be upheld if it is found that the treasure hunting activity is inimical to the building’s structure.

The Mayor said that if this is so, Cabusao must come up with a solution to deal with the problem of ensuring the building’s structural stability.

He revealed that the CBAO has put a temporary stop to the treasure hunter’s exploration at the site.

The Mayor said that in an earlier meeting, Cabusao expressed his willingness to immediately cease the treasure hunting activity if he is asked to do so.

Another consideration that Domogan is directing the inspection team to find out is if the activity will cause any delay to the time-table of the convention center’s rehabilitation which should be strictly followed.

He said the treasure hunter is set to share 35 percent to the city, 30 percent to the National Government should treasure be found at the site.

Cabusao believes these are truckloads of buried gold bars that were part of the loot left by Japanese soldiers during World War II as told to him by a Japanese soldier./Gaby Keith


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