Mayor says CCTV needs immediate implementation

BAGUIO CITY – the city government here is set to implement the installation of Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV’s) in this mountain resort for security reasons.

This was revealed by Mayor Mauricio Domogan during the Weekly Ugnayan Presser Wednesday as it could help deter crimes.

“We have 12 Million earmarked for CCTV and we need to implement this immediately because it has long been delayed,” he said.

The mayor also said another 2 million is appropriated for a CCTV system in Aurora Hill barangay.

“WE have to finalize the specifications for the CCTV then it will be published for bidding, the budget is not that big but it’s a start,” Domogan said.

The chief executive also said a central command center will also be installed for the synchronization of all CCTV systems for better monitoring.

Installing cameras is expected to reduce crime by deterring potential wrong-doers and help apprehend those who commit crimes.

The city government is said to install 100 high optic cameras within the Central Business District (CBD) using wireless technology.

Domogan has expressed an interest in placing a camera on every street in the city especially those pinpointed as ‘hot spots’ by local law enforcement.

Domogan said,” CCTV’s are effective in identifying criminals and a useful tool as a secondary deterrent to stopping criminal activities but it is not a substitute for a strong police presence in the streets./Paul Rillorta


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