BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan is not giving up hopes for the operation of the first and only airport in this mountain resort.

This was discussed during the Weekly Ugnayan Presser Wednesday live over Skycable Baguio and DZEQ Radio.

The chief executive said even if there are minor problems to jumpstart the re-opening of the Loakan Airport to commercial flights, it can be resolved.

Domogan said,” the major concern raised are people and vehicles using the airport as access road to the adjacent barangay.’

“This can be resolved if another access road can be constructed for people to use in going to their residences,” he said.

Domogan clarified a fund for such access road was poured in before but was realigned by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

“We hope that funding for the Airport’s Rehabilitation can be realized including the provision for another access road that the people can use,” he said.

Airport intrusions and the presence of stray animals and pedestrians on the runway could also be addressed once total rehabilitation is implemented.

Domogan said, ”if the rehabilitation is implemented, Loakan Airport will be totally closed to pedestrian and animal access.”

The proposed rehabilitation include an access road west of Runway 09 costing nearly P26.7 million and perimeter fence costing P30.7 million.

This will also include upgrading of the airport from Visual Flight Rules to Instrument Flight Rules, installation of an Airfield Lighting System costing P50 million and proposed construction of a new passenger terminal building costing P336 million.

Domogan said,” once the airport is upgraded, it would be easier to convince commercial flights to come in.”

“We will try to convince CAAP to pour in funds for Loakan Airport as we see this facility an important asset of our city,” he said.

Domogan added, the airport had operated commercially for a long time and no notable accidents occurred for the past years despite the perceived dangers.

“Not a single accident happened in the airport in all the years that it operated, although there was one accident where a plane crashed in Itogon but that was due to pilot error, “ Domogan said./Paul Rillorta


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