Mayor Still Says no to Pyrotechnics

Mayor Still Says no to Pyrotechnics

September 20, 2014

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan last week reiterated his refusal to grant members of the Baguio Retailers of Paputok, Lucis (Pailaw) Atbp Association or any entity, permit to sell firecrackers, these coming holidays.

The mayor has also urged the city council to pass the ordinance to that effect.

Last year, members of the Paputok group have requested a permit to sell their wares in the city for several days, to no avail. They were then allowed by Tuba Mayor Florencio Bentrez to ply their trade in the neighboring Benguet town.

Mayor Domogan however said the matter will be a part of their agenda for discussion by the Baguio La Trinidad Itogon Sablan Tuba and Tublay (BLISTT) executive and planning group.

As for Mayor Domogan, he urges members of the association to find other materials or Christmas items to sell, which we would gladly allow, other than firecrackers. “We have repeatedly explained our decision, which we firmly believe is for the good of a greater number of Baguiotes,” he said.

Even then, the mayor encouraged the traders to join the bidding for the city-sponsored centralized air shows during the holiday month but which was disregarded.

The mayor continues to anchor his refusal to allow the selling of firecrackers, due to human health and environmental issues. Health authorities report a high incidence of respiratory ailments during holiday celebrations, more so with firecrackers being exploded in nearby areas; while the threat of global warming and the greenhouse effect becomes more eminent with firecracker exhaust.

Mayor Domogan’s stand is supported by the medical and other government agencies, all for the health and safety of Baguio residents./Julie G. Fianza


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