Mayor to POSD personnel: implement rules with maximum tolerance

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan recently reminded the POSD personnel to implement the clearing operation in the city public market with maximum tolerance during their meeting last Jan. 4 at the Baguio City multi-purpose hall.

It has been reported that a significant number of pick pockets decreased ever since the city implemented the clearing operations in the city.

However, despite the continuing clearing operations in the public market, there are still willful ambulant vendors who continue to vend their products along the sidewalks and street.

Because of this, Domogan reiterated the duties and responsibilities of the POSD personnel in implementing the rules and regulations in the implementation of clearing operation in the city.

Aware of the challenging and strenuous work of the POSD personnel, Domogan stressed, “You (POSD personnel) should be careful with your actions because your (POSD personnel) actuations will be reflected to the city government especially us, city officials.”.

“Do your duties in accordance with the rules and regulations,” The mayor added.

Also, Domogan urged all stall owners not to still vend their products along the sidewalks and streets because it is a clear violation of the rules and regulations set by the city.

“On the other hand, abusive POSD personnel will be dealt with accordingly by the city,” ended Domogan./PIO


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