Mayor urges public to support scrap-for-x’mas tree project

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan urged the public to support the city’s giant Christmas tree project by continuing to donate household scrap materials to be used in mounting the city’s holiday centerpiece this year.

He said the city has allotted some P1.6 million for this year’s Christmas decorations to adorn roads, parks and establishments including the giant Christmas tree at the top of Session Road but the city adopted the recycled material concept to supplement the limited budget.

The city buildings and architecture office under Engr. Nazita Banez said the recycled concept was hatched to help the city cut on costs.

The past Christmas tree designs had elicited criticisms for not living up to the public’s expectations but the mayor said the designs were reasonable considering the small budget allotted for the purpose.

“If we want grander designs, then we need to allot more money but as it is, we are limited to what our budget will allow,” he said.

Arch. Homer Soriano said that with the recycled material concept, they hope to realize a considerable saving on the cost of the tree which they project to amount to less than P500,000.

The design was done by a private architect and was approved by the CBAO.

The use of recycled materials is also in support of the city’s cleanliness and waste management programs.

The CBAO will continue to accept donations of household junks like discarded pipes, broken appliances, scrap steel, metal, used tires and the like.

Donations may be brought to the CBAO office at DPS barangay or call 442-2503. Arrangement for pick-up may also be done for donations in bulk./Aileen P. Refuerzo


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