Mayor urges taxpayers not to utilize fixers

BAGUIO CITY – With the full implementation of the electronic Business Process and Licensing System (e-BPLS) in the city government of Baguio, mayor Mauricio Domogan advised and urged taxpayers not to utilize fixers at city hall.

The city has set policies and procedures in the process of registration of new business, renewal of old permits and other transactions involving set up of additional lines of business, change of location, ownership or trade name, partial retirement, retirement of business and replacement of permit and certificates, thus, Domogan encouraged taxpayers to process their permits personally instead of utilizing fixers.

It is the goal of the system to speed up the processing time and eradicate the problem of fixers in the licensing systems.

However, despite of the faster processing time of business permits in the city now, there are still taxpayers who depend on fixers.

“Do not go to fixers. Identify who the fixer is because that is the best way that we can stop it. We do not tolerate this kind of undertaking,” said Domogan.

Also, government officials and employees are not allowed to transact business relative to obtaining or renewing business licenses in behalf of an owner of business for whatever reason and regardless of authority granted by the owner, stressed the mayor/Jho Arranz


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