Mayor vetoes Burnham carnival operation

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan vetoed Resolution No. 416, series of 2018 that approved the request of Link-in Corporation for the conduct of the ‘Carnibal ti Baguio’ at the children’s playground, Burnham Park from February 1, 2019 to May 30, 2019 subject to conditions as set forth by the guidelines of the executive department and returned the same to the local legislative body unsigned.

The local chief executive used as a basis in vetoing the resolution the strong opposition raised by City Environment and Parks Management Officer Ruben A. Cervantes on the said proposal considering the bad experience of the local government when the said corporation operated the amusement rides in the city’s premier park last Summer.

“We are learning from our bad experience when the same company operated the amusement rides in the park last summer. We told the operator we are inclined to veto the resolution despite his commitment he already purchased new rides that will be used in the amusement park once it will be approved,” Domogan stressed.

Cervantes informed Domogan there was no layout of carnival rides submitted by the operator which is important to ascertain what rides are worthwhile, what are considered gambling in character and those influencing violent behaviour among children and teenagers.

He added in the absence of the required rides layout, it is impossible for the concerned technical personnel to see where the sanitary facilities will be located within the area like last year where the company allegedly failed to coordinate with the management of R&R Sanitary Services leading to sporadic defecation and micturition within the children’s playground both by the customers and carnival workers.

Cervantes pointed out due to the absence of the carnival rides layout, the makeshift size of barracks and location cannot be actually ascertained aside from the fact the local government cannot determine the actual number of personnel who will be sleeping in the makeshift tents.

According to him, last year, some families of carnival workers found their temporary abode in the makeshift tents which is against existing park polices.

He asserted the children’s playground is already congested and putting the amusement rides inside the playground will deprive the children of their safe and free area.

The city department head claimed the children’s playground without carnival rides used to close at 6 pm but with the carnival rides, closing time will be at the discretion of the operator and could extend until there are still customers and any affirmative action to allow the company to put up the amusement rides in the area will duplicate the existing family-oriented rides being operated by some Burnham Park concessionaires, particularly at the skating rink who had been with the local government providing various rides.

Cervantes emphasized that January to June ushers in the peak season for all legitimate concessionaires, thus, the operation of the amusement rides will deprive them of the opportunity to maximize their income that will cover for their rental rates during lean months./Dexter A. See


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