Mini hydro power plant in Tabuk now operational

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The Bulanao Hydro Electric Plant (BHEP) was recently commissioned to operate contributing an initial power generation of .830MW for the Kalinga-Apayao Electric Cooperative (KAELCO).

As provided in their energy supply contract, KAELCO purchases the power at the rate of P5.07 per kWh. which is cheaper by P1.50 to P2.00 than the electricity currently being distributed by KAELCO.

At present, KAELCO buys power at P6.47 per kWh and charges consumers per kWh ranging from P10.00 to P11.00.

“With the commissioning of BHEP, this will result to P0.20-0.30 per kWh savings for KAELCO consumers because of the elimination of transmission cost, one of three components of energy cost,” said Engr. Daniel Peckley Jr., of DPJ Engineers and Consultants that owns the power plant.

BHEP is a mini-hydro power plant that gets power from waters of the Upper Chico River Irrigation System diverted to run a turbine./JDP/PAB-PIA CAR, Kalinga


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