Modernization and Environmentalism Not Modernization vs. Environmentalim

Few days ago, the DENR released a memo ordering the closure and suspension of some mining companies that did not adhere to the guidelines of government with regards to environmental protection. I am not against environmentalist in fact I am one of them but this decision will result to something more catastrophic which can be equated to environment destruction.

El Maestro Speaks blog and column usually talks about education and leadership but I think we must make an exception this time especially if the job of 1.2 million people, a job that provides education to their children is in danger of being taken away.

When I saw this news on Rappler, I posted a question asking what the government’s plan are for those that will be laid off due these mining companies closure/suspension. The result, I got a lot of comments saying I don’t care about the environment that I have a wrong mindset and so on. Maybe I do have a wrong mindset but this wrong mindset still continues to think the same.

Let’s study this, when media ask about the guidelines or bases of this suspension, there was no definite answer. It would make the person like me question the process. Did some people pull some strings to make this happen? Or, they just hate mining so much they are working hard to eliminate it in the country and this is the first step.

Mining is not the only occupation that destroys the environment. Everything that human does destroys the environment. To give way to gardening, they cut down all the trees. (You Don’t believe me go to the northern part of Benguet ). They use strong chemicals that destroys the fertility of the land. Illegal loggers cut down trees. I can write more but I think that highlights my aforementioned statement.

In my humble point of view, what protects the environment is doing everything with a great sense of responsibility to everything around us. Responsible agriculture, Responsible Mining that is campaign we must have. Because whether you don’t like to admit it these industry have brought and continues to bring bright future for our kids. Take the mining companies in Benguet as an example, for generations they have brought food and education to a lot of people.

What I am trying to say here is that Caring for environment is essential to our survival but so is the life and future of our fellow countrymen. Can we not find a way to make modernization and environmental protection co-exist? If other countries can, why can’t we? #


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