Multi-million PCSO media contracts must also be probed

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will…” (Romans 12:2, the Holy Bible).


MABUHAY, LTO ESPANA AGENCY: Indeed it is true that any ambition or desire that a person may dream of can be achieved at the appointed time, provided he remains true to the fulfillment thereof. Because of this, I salute the Land Transportation Office (LTO), most especially its Espana, Manila agency, because it managed to fulfill its objective of issuing drivers’ licenses speedily and efficiently.

I personally know this because I experienced this speedy and efficient style of service within a period of three years. In 2015, I obtained a renewal of my driver’s license which expired in that year. Because I often passed by Espana, Manila, it was at the LTO’s agency along Espana that I sought the renewal. In 10 minutes flat, in 2015, I got my new driver’s license almost without any effort.

This 2018, after the license I obtained in 2015 expired again, I went back to the LTO Espana agency. Well, did you know that, without any hassle at all, without me signing any paper, and paying something less than a thousand pesos including the penalty for late renewal, I got another license, pronto, which is even valid for five years. Indeed, I commend LTO, especially its LTO Espana, Manila agency for this good job. You are the pride of the Filipino race, I tell you!


MULTI-MILLION PCSO MEDIA CONTRACTS SHOULD ALSO BE PROBED: What Sen. Manny Pacquiao should be hammering on, at the on-going Senate investigation of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, is the issuance by PCSO top officials of media contracts—or advertising contracts which are either published or aired by newspapers, radio and TV stations, and even online entities, highlighting lotto and sweepstakes draws, worth hundreds of millions in a year.

Just exactly what are the standards does the PCSO use in handing out those multi-million peso contracts? What are its bases in determining how much should be paid for the media or advertising contracts it issues to media companies, or even to specific media personalities? Does the PCSO give the same amounts of media contracts, o someone is given much bigger amounts?

Who at the PCSO has the right and the power to give out those contracts? Is there also a bidding before the contracts are awarded to media companies or media personalities? Is there no favoritism in the giving of these contracts? Indeed, these are the points that Sen. Pacquiao should endeavor to shed light on, especially because of his finding that the money that the PCSO is using for these contracts came from taxpayers like him and myself!


MAN’S THOUGHTS HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE HIS DREAMS COME TRUE: In the book “The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (the novelist who wrote “Da Vinci Code”, “Angels and Demons”, and “Inferno” where Manila was featured as the very gate of hell), he reported the finding of past scientific experiments which indubitably prove that a person’s thoughts have the power to realize or concretize whatever it is that he dreams or fantasizes about.

I did some searching at Google if it is true that there are these kinds of scientific experiments on the power of man’s thoughts, and I was shocked—yes, shocked!—because it appeared that there have been plenty of such past studies on the amazing power of man’s thoughts to allow him to achieve what he wants.

In the succeeding issues of this column, God willing, we will endeavor to highlight the results of the scientific experiments so we can all benefit from it. But be that as it may, I just wish to say, in advance, that there is a need for us to exert discipline in what we think about, to enable us to realize its full power and potential for a better life.


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