My Opinion

My Opinion

March 28, 2015

After reading the comments about the CAB-BBL, and connecting it to what I personally know about the MILF’s behavior from the Ramos era to the present and the history of Malaysia’s long-term involvement in supporting secession in Mindanao, it is my opinion that the CAB-BBL is NOT a peace agreement but a SURRENDER agreement between the Philippines and Malaysia represented by the MILF as sole proxy, with the full consent of and approval by the highest authorities of the land.

Worse, the MILF is in bed with the global jihadist movement that complicates our national security disaster. In the event that Malaysia obtains for the MILF that sub-state which it would sooner than later declare as an Independent BangsaMoro Islamic State, not only will that country within our country serve as a security buffer zone for Malaysia, it will give jihadists a firm grip on our throats and jointly force the Philippines to give up its claim on Sabah.

This is how I see it. I join good sons and daughters of the Republic to prevent that from happening in the courts of law and public opinion, and in the battlefield if it gets to that. This is a very serious matter that every Filipino must look into NOW because this concerns the long-term future and security of Inang Laya, our nation’s children and succeeding generations.

The quality of our society and government needs improvement across-the-board, from Luzon to Mindanao. ARMM’s problem is a reflection of the nation’s problems. The lack of good citizenship and good government is felt everywhere – corruption, ignorance, social injustice, exclusion, organized and street crime, terrorism, political monopoly. We need to fix those to resolve our fundamental problems instead of tinkering around with idiotic ideas that only promise to worsen them.

The solution to our problems is national transformation – starting with our “ugali.” As we’re working on that foundational issue, let us take corrective steps to make local and regional autonomy truly responsive to the people’s needs through political reforms. Where ARMM is handicapped by human resource limitations, let us consciously help it with outsourced experts from here and abroad.

The problem we have is people, specifically our behavior. Giving land to jihadists and proxies of Malaysia is obviously not the answer. It’s like a driver that keeps bumping his car so the solution is to change the car instead of the driver. It’s INSANE.


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