NCIP-Abra clarifies query on scholarship

BANGUED, Abra – The National Commission for the Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) – Abra Provincial Office clarified issues on unpaid scholarship funds raised by a texter over a local radio here.

In her explanation over radio DZPA’s Salpikador Program last week, Reynalda Timbreza, provincial head of the NCIP-Abra, admitted there are still 36 scholars who have not received their scholarship grants.

However, she clarified that the 26 new grantees have not yet completed their documentary requirements.

The other 10 grantees on the other hand, have problems like they have failing grades in some of their subjects or they are under-load, in addition to their lack of documentary requirements.These10 grantees will no longer be released their scholarship grant because they failed to meet the deadline set to complete their requirements. As a rule, the unused funds have been reverted to the National Treasury, Timbreza explained.

She informed that funds entitlement for the grantees are deposited directly to the ATM accounts of the grantees themselves. Whatever extra funds released to the schools are refunded directly to the grantees.

Timbreza also announced that there is no scholar in the first year college due to the implementation of the K-12 curriculum of the Department of Education.

However, the NCIP has allocated scholarship funds for the Tingguian students who are interested to enroll in the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

Timbreza is inviting all interested applicants for said TESDA scholarship. Application forms are now available at the NCIP Office in Brgy. Calaba, Bangued. (JDP/MTBB – PIA CAR, Abra)#


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