New design for Busol rain harvesting facility okayed

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan said he has already given the go-signal for the use of the new design of the proposed P139 million rain harvesting facility within the Baguio side of the 336-hectare Busol watershed to maximize the use of rainwater for various purposes during the dry months.

The local chief executive explained the original design presented by the personnel of the Cordillera office of the Department of Public works and Highways (DPWH-CAR) will result in the cutting of many trees within the watershed thus defeating the purpose of preserving and protecting the trees within the forest reservation, thus, city officials requested the DPWH-CAR to re-design the rain harvesting facility to lessen the impact of the project to the trees within the vicinity of the project.

“We are satisfied with the new design of the facility because the trees that were supposed to be affected will no longer be touched as the facility was redesigned to make sure that no trees will be affected by the put up of the facility,”Domogan stressed.

He claimed Baguio receives the highest volume of rain annually that is why concerned government agencies, the local government, and even the residents have to find ways of conserving rain water instead of it just letting flowing into the river systems and reuse this during the dry season.

Aside from the Busol rain harvesting facility, Domogan is proposing the put up of another similar facility within the parking area of the Baguio Convention Center for the center’s use during the summer months.

According to him, even owners of new commercial buildings will be required to have their own rain harvesting facilities within their structures to contribute to water conservation which will benefit their clients during periods of low supply of water which usually happens during peak tourism months and the summer.

He called on the DPWH-CAR officials to finalize the new design of the project and to bid out the civil works so that it will be completed the soonest possible time in time for the next rainy season.

He disclosed funds for the construction of the rainwater harvesting facility was included in the programmed projects of the DP|WH-CAR under the national budget this year, thus, the need to implement the project.

Domogan added it is not logical for the government to build the rainwater harvesting facility if it will involve the cutting of a huge number of trees, thus, it was agreed by the concerned parties to redesign it to lessen its impact on the trees within the reservation./By Dexter A. See


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