New licensing chief to intensify crackdown on business firms without permits

BAGUIO CITY – Newly installed city permits and licensing division chief Allan Abayao vowed to intensify the crackdown on business establishments operating without business permits in all the barangays in the city.

Abayao said his office will continue the year-round ocular inspections of the business firms operating in the barangays to ensure that they are always complying with the permit requirements.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan started the campaign in 2010 resulting to the closure of hundreds of establishments.

The drive prompted many business owners to comply with the law resulting to the increase in the number of business permits issued and in the tax collection over the years as per the records of the city treasury office.

As per the procedure, those found without business permits upon inspection are issued a notice to secure business permit directing them to immediately cease and desist from operating and giving them five working days to process their permits.

After five days, a verification process will be done to check on their compliance. Those who fail to secure the requirements and are still operating will be issued a closure order through an administrative order by the city mayor as a final warning for them to comply.

If after another five days lapsed and they still fail to comply, the establishment will be padlocked by the team from the permit s and licensing division, public order and safety division, the barangay officials concerned and the Baguio City Police Office.

The POSD and the barangay officials will ensure that the establishments will remain closed until such time that the owners have secured the permits.

Those who will defy the closure permit and will insist on operating without complying will be referred to the city legal office for the filling of appropriate case.

Abayao said the barangays play a crucial role in the monitoring and reporting of defiant and headstrong business owners since they are at the scene.

“So we encourage our barangay officials and even residents to continually monitor and report to us businesses operating in open defiance to our laws,” he said.

As of Sept. 14, the office has issued a total of 17,931 regular business permits. Last year, total of 19,083 permits were issued. /Aileen P. Refuerzo


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