NFA rice poisonous

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Whoever strays from the path of prudence comes to rest in the company of the dead…” (Proverbs 21:16, the Holy Bible).


AQUINO GOV’T BEYOND REDEMPTION IN ITS INCOMPETENCE: So, the Aquino government is truly beyond redemption in its gross incompetence and total lack of concern for ordinary Filipinos, since, right under the very noses of its top officials, poisoned rice and fish, the only kind of food that the poor among our countrymen can afford, are being sold openly in every nook and cranny of the country, totally unmolested.

It appears that what President Aquino and his allies are concerned with now is to maneuver to evade imprisonment after their terms shall have ended in 2016. It is clear they no longer have the time, nor the interest, to protect the health and safety of poor Filipinos who, because there is no opportunity to earn decently hereabouts, cannot afford to eat anything other than rice and a little fish.

The problem is that, there is now an official finding from the University of the Philippines Manila that the rice and fish people have been buying and eating contain metal lead, which is a poison dangerous enough to kill them. Yet nobody but nobody from the Aquino government is acting to stop this murder of Filipinos.


RICE & FISH CONTAIN METAL LEAD, A POISON: Let me reproduce here a devastating report from the Manila Times written by Jacqueline Bouvier Arias, which I saw in its online edition of December 17, 2015, to show the basis of my concern in this column today. Please read on:

“High levels of metal lead, a hazardous chemical substance, were found in various kinds of rice and fish in the Philippines, according to a study. The study (was) conducted by Dr. Judilynn Solidum, a pharmacist and faculty member of the University of the Philippines Manila…

“…(It) found that 10 kinds of rice and fish that were randomly bought in markets in Metro Manila contained high levels of metal lead that exceeded acceptable safety limits. Upon examination, it was found that all varieties of rice went beyond the acceptable limits for children set by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


NFA RICE POISONOUS: What are these poisonous varieties of rice that were found to be poisonous? The report said: “Four brands of rice such as NFA (National Food Authority) rice, Malagkit (regular), Dinorado and Malagkit (violet) exhibited lead levels beyond the acceptable limits for adults. Meanwhile, all kinds of fish sold in markets, except janitor fish, were also found to be unsafe for both children and adults…”

Looking at this news report would make one think that the government of President Aquino would appear to be deliberately allowing the selling of these poisoned rice varieties, because it is the NFA itself that is in the forefront of distributing and selling them.

The question is this: why should the government be allowing the selling of poisonous rice, through its own agency yet, to millions and millions of poor Filipinos who are thoroughly dependent on NFA rice? I hope this is not part of a sinister population control program!


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