Nineteen drug-affected barangays under clearing operations

BAGUIO CITY – With the war against drugs campaign being the top priority of the present administration under the leadership of president Rodrigo Duterte, the city government of Baguio continues to battle drug related problems in the city of Baguio.

For the period July 1 to Dec. 31, 2016, the Baguio City Police Office reported that out of the 128 barangays in Baguio, there are 19 barangays under drug clearing operations.

The 19 drug-affected barangays undergoing clearing operations include Campo Filipino, Quezon Hill Proper, Pinget, Alfonso Tabora, Trancoville, Middle Quirino Hill, Padre Zamora, Pacdal, Saint Joseph Village, Ferdinand, Upper Rock Quarry, Lower Q.M., Honeymoon, Aurora Hill Proper, Loakan Liwanag, Camp7, Irisan, Bakakeng Central and Dontogan.

PCI Dexter Ominga said the drug-affected barangays can only be declared drug-cleared if they meet the specific parameters, such as the non-availability of drug supply, absence of drug transit or transshipment activity, absence of clandestine drug laboratory, absence of clandestine drug warehouse, absence of clandestine chemical warehouse, absence of marijuana cultivation site, absence of drug den, dive or resort, absence of drug pusher, absence of drug user or dependent, absence of protector or coddler and financier, active involvement of barangay officials in anti-drug activities, active involvement of the Sangguniang Kabataan to help maintain the drug-liberated status of the barangay, existence of drug awareness, preventive education and information, and existence of voluntary and compulsory drug treatment and rehabilitation processing desk.

On the other hand, the named four unaffected barangays are Country Club, Happy Hallow, Upper Dagsian and Lower General Luna. While, 105 barangays were recommended and submitted as drug cleared barangays.

As reported, 1,971 users and 406 pushers have already surrendered to the authorities.

The BCPO has arrested 176 pushers and 24 users. They have also conducted 106 buy bust operations, nine through police response, another nine through service of search warrant and seven with warrant of arrest.

Moreover, 236.51 grams of shabu were confiscated amounting to P4,257,180.00 while 2,653.56 grams of marijuana were confiscated amounting to P729,729.00.

Meanwhile, intensifying the war against drugs, the city government here together with the different non-government associations, government and non-government organizations as well as religious sectors continues to help and share their respective resources in guiding and assisting the drug surrenderees to become productive and contributing member of the community in attaining a better quality of life. /Jho Arranz#


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