No nuzzle taping of firearms – PRO-COR

CAMP DANGWA – The leadership of the Police Regional Office (PRO) in the Cordillera will not implement the traditional nuzzle taping of service firearms of its over 6,000 men and women in uniform for the second straight year in a row in cognizance of the improving level of discipline of law enforcers.

PRO-COR regional director Chief Superintendent Rolando Z. Nana said the successful implementation of the no-nuzzle taping of the firearms of policemen last year served as a basis in pursing the same arrangement for this year during the New Year revelry because law enforcers proved their dedication and commitment in adhering to the standard operating procedure of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

He expressed confidence that the men and women of PRO-COR will continue to uphold the highest level of discipline by not indiscriminately firing their firearms during the new year revelry to prevent inflicting unnecessary injuries to innocent civilians who might be hit by stray bullets from their firearms.

For over two decades now, the PNP had been strictly implementing the nuzzle taping of the firearms of law enforcers nationwide to serve as a preventive measure for law enforcers not to indiscriminately fire their firearms to welcome the new year.

“We are keeping our fingers crossed there will be no victims of stray bullets, especially stray bullets that come from indiscriminately fired guns of law enforcers, during the new year revelry,” Nana stressed.

The police official underscored Cordillera policemen showed a much improved degree of maturity and sense of responsibility by not being involved in incidents of indiscriminate firing of their firearms during the celebration of the new year as he expressed confidence there will be no law enforcers who will be involved in such incidents for the 2019 revelry.

He directed law enforcers to continue being vigilant for any untoward incident in their areas of jurisdiction during the new year revelry so that perpetrators of unnecessary incidents will be arrested and made answerable for their illegal activities that pose threat to the safety of the public celebrating the coming of the new year.

According to him, law enforcers found to have been involved in the indiscriminate firing of their firearms or other illegal activities will be dealt with the full force of the law that could result to their dismissal from the service, thus, the need for them to strictly adhere to the prevailing rules and regulations crafted by the PNP leadership for the said purpose.

Nana urged the public to report to the nearest police station any police officer involved in the indiscriminate firing of his or her firearm during the new year revelry so that the local police force can respond to such acts in a timely manner and make perpetrators face the consequences of their actions as reminders had been given to them from time to time not to be involved in such cases./Dexter A. See


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