No parking – possible effective solution!!!

I have been wondering for some time now on the seriousness of the city to strictly implement the no parking city ordinance (I presume there is an ordinance) and/or whatever relative law there may be in relation to no parking. This has to be implemented seriously so as to rid our tight city streets of vehicles causing undue obstruction and related hassle, traffic etc.

I would like to throw in my 2 cents worth of suggestion to the Honorable Mayor and members of the City Council on a possible solution to this that I believe may be effective, having personally experienced the implementation of such in the city of Manila (I now wonder how many other cities are doing the same).

Just recently, in the city of Manila, I was surprised when I parked at one of one of the roads (more specifically Severino Reyes, this road is near the Sta. Cruz area). Mind you, this street is quite wide and can take on parking at both sides and still maintain a smooth flow of traffic. Upon return to my vehicle, the tire of my car was clamped (remember all that brouhaha on the Jadewell clamping? Same thing there). And also clamped were close to a dozen other cars that were also parked. A two (2) whole page notice was left at my windshield stating clearly the penalty of P900 as well as with other details. My only problem with this is, there were no street signs that informed the public that the street is a no parking zone, and since other cars were also parked ahead of me, I simply did the same.

Having experienced the hassle of having to go through the motions of proceeding to the office to pay the fine with the accompanying delays, I believe and now consider this method as an effective tool in seeing to the implementation of a no parking zone, as I will certainly be more careful next time.

The only problem with this is since it has become our mentality and thus we presume that since there was no (no) parking signs in the area, I presumed as well as with others that I can park in that street, which may of course be a wrong assumption.

Therefore, my humble suggestion to our Honorable Mayor and members of the City Council is to implement this sort of clamping of vehicle wheels as I believe is effective in scaring the shit out of any motorists. After all, who wants to be hassled and pay a fine of P900 at that!

First to be done is to post ample signs indicating that the road is a no parking area.

Second is to give a monetary incentive system to the residents in the area that whoever calls and/or informs the concerned office that a vehicle is parked in a no parking area should get a little incentive. Upon receiving the information through call or perhaps even text, the concerned personnel riding a motorcycle proceeds immediately to the area and clamps the motor vehicle.

Simple solution, isn’t it? Hindi na kailangan ng kung anu-ano pang bull shit na training etc. Let the residents be involved in seeing to the implementation with their valued monitoring and reporting but with the firm hand of the LGU and corresponding penalty. Eto naman usually ang problema with the LGU, walang firm hand to see to the implementation with the corresponding penalty and not some pittance P100 fine, please, make it at least P500 or more.#


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