Non-compliance of requirements causing delay in business permits processing

BAGUIO CITY – Despite the implementation of the Electronic Business Permitting and Licensing System (eBPLS) in the city government of Baguio which aims to reduce the time in the issuance of business permits, there are still setback being encountered by the city due to the non-compliance of business establishment owners in submitting the needed requirements.

The city government here is being criticized on the slow processing and issuance of business permits by some business owners.

Contrary to the allegations, assistant city treasurer and officer-in-charge Alex Cubarrubias stressed that in as much as the city wants to fast tract the processing business permits in Baguio, the delay in the issuance of business permits is attributed to some applicants/business owners who are not keen is submitting the needed requirements of the different offices.

With the issue at hand, employees of the city government is being put to blame for the non- performance of duties and responsibilities for reasons beyond their control.

So as to attain the main goal of the city’s eBPLS in reducing the time in the issuance of business permits, the city is contemplating of having a policy of denying applications with lacking requirements and returning it right away to the applicants indicating the reasons of its denial.

Moreover, as of August, out of the 1,775 new applications received, the city has issued 1,718 business permits. While 15,189 renewal of business permits were released./Jho Arranz


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