OMB brings anti–piracy IEC campaign in Baguio City

BAGUIO CITY – The people as consumers play important role in the campaign against piracy, Optical Media Board (OMB) officials stressed during the General Conference and Multi – Sectoral Assembly at the University of Baguio here on Thursday. OMB Chair and CEO Anselmo Adriano outlined that their mandate is to regulate the transfer of information to optical and magnetic media, whether original or pirated.More than conducting raids or confiscation of pirated video or audio materials, they are also encouraging registration of even small businesses. Adriano, in a memorandum circular he signed in 2016, directed that all entities with transactions involving importation, exportation, acquisition, sale or distribution of optical and magnetic media as well as manufacturing of equipment, to comply all requirements of registration and licensing under the Optical Media Act of 2003. It includes registration and acquiring of necessary permits for all entities that uses internal and external hard drives and optical disc writers/drivers for commercial purposes. Given the limitations of OMB in terms of office and personnel, Adriano disclosed that OMB has partnered with the Department of Trade and Industry for the opening of satellite office in Davao in July and in Cebu City to ater to Mindanao and Visayas, respectively. For Northern Luzon, they are planning of put up one in Baguio. In the advent of new internet – based technologies, Adriano said they will push for the amendment of the Optical Media Act to make the law work on the new media such as regulation on the uploading and downloading of video and audio materials. On top of OMB’s initiative, Adriano reiterates that as the government continues to go after the source of pirated (video/audio) materials, OMB is also embarking on public education activities so that they can involve more people to support that campaign against piracy. OMB Executive Director Victor Luis Padilla II, in the same forum, reiterated that while the government is doing its work, it is equally important that consumers also do their part. Until there are people buying, pirated materials will continue to be in the market, he stressed. Tackled during the forum include the OMB mandate, the laws and legal procedures involved in their work, registration and licensing process, and on women/children rights in the movie/music industry. (JDP/CCD-PIA CAR)


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