Opening of classes in public schools set June 4

BAGUIO CITY – The Department of Education Division of City Schools announced that the opening of classes in all public schools in the city for school year 2018-2018 will be on June 4, 2018 pursuant to existing laws, rules and regulations relative to the simultaneous opening of classes in the country.

City Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Federico Martin urged all those enrollees in the elementary and secondary levels in the different schools around the city to report to their schools on the aforesaid date because regular classes will start right on the first day of classes.

However, Martin also urged the cooperation of concerned stakeholders in the conduct of the Brigada Eskwela scheduled on May 28 – June 1, 2018 to guarantee that all the schools are ready for the opening of classes a week later.

Enrolment in the different public and secondary schools in the city is underway to minimize enrolment during the start of classes to allow the teachers and the students to concentrate in their lessons at once.

“We are ready for the scheduled opening of classes on June 4, 2018 and we appeal to our enrollees to immediately report to their respective classes right on the first day of classes because lessons will already be taught on the first day of school,” Martin stressed.

He said teachers already undertook the required trainings offered by the education department to improve their skills in teaching their specialty subjects while improvements in some schools were already implemented to make sure there will be no unnecessary delays when classes will start so that the required number of school days in a given school year is completed on time.

According to him, the education department is currently collecting data on the actual number of enrolees in the city’s public elementary and secondary schools and it could not determined if there is an increase or decrease in the enrolment for the incoming school year but the data can be available as soon as the classes start.

Martin also urged parents, guardians, interested stakeholders among other private citizens to help in the annual Brigada Eskwela in the different schools so minor problems in the rooms and other school facilities will be corrected before pupils and students enter their classes at the start of the school year.

He explained the week-long Brigida Eskwela has been institutionalized so that pupils, students and their parents will not spend much time cleaning the classrooms and restoring damages in the school facilities at the start of classes so when pupils and students enter school on the first day, they immediately start their lessons.

He claimed that school officials and teachers will also be present in the different schools during the scheduled Brigada Eskwela to provide the assistance to interested individuals wanting to assist in various activities of the said endeavor./Dexter A. See


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