Oplan Kaluluwa Guidelines out

Oplan Kaluluwa Guidelines out

VOL. XVIII NO. 3 (October 25-31, 2014)

BAGUIO CITY – The Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) through Oplan Kaluluwa for Nov. 1 and 2, All Souls and All Saints’ day commemoration, has given out crime prevention and safety tips for motorists and the general public alike.

For public safety at the Baguio Public Cemetery; firearms, deadly weapons or any pointed objects, gambling paraphernalia and noise makers are not allowed. Intoxicating drinks and the selling of merchandise inside the cemetery are strictly prohibited, it was known.

Cemetery-goers are cautioned to bring just enough food, water and materials and be watchful of their belongings, and of their kin, specially children. To prevent fires, lighted candles on tombs should be supervised, or put out before leaving. Trash should be taken care of by visitors, or disposed at proper receptacles to be made available at the site.

Cemetery-goers should also know where the Police assistance booth or first aid station are, for any emergency or medical need.

Before leaving their residences, house owners should make sure that door and windows are properly locked, and activate burglar alarms, if any. Electrical appliances are to be unplugged, or stoves and water should be checked; clothes on the clothesline should also be kept.

Motorists should make sure that their vehicles are properly mechanic-checked before travel. Those using public vehicles are also cautioned to travel light and bring only essentials; arrive at the bus station or airport early, to avoid undue rush. All suspicious packages are to be treated with care, or reported to the police. Alertness is a must, as there could be bag or baggage snatchers within the area, the police warned.

For those going to cemeteries to honor their dead, 150 flower and candle stalls are open at the Ganza parking area, Burnham, Park from Oct. 26 to Nov. 1. There are also flower stalls along the side of Harrison road.

For motorists, same as in the past years, trucks and buses are NOT allowed along Quirino highway (Munoz st up to Buhagan road) going to Baguio City from 4AM to 12 Midnight of Nov. 1. Alternate routes are Marcos highway or Sta. Lucia circumferential or Lamtang-Longlong road to the central business district (CBD) or La Trinidad, Benguet.

Oplan Kaluluwa is a city program to assist cemetery-goers for the annual trek to the city’s public and private cemeteries./By: Julie G. Fianza  


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