Oplan Kaluluwa selling guidelines set

BAGUIO CITY – In preparation for All Souls and All Saints’ Day, all interested candle and flower sellers may avail of application forms on Tuesday, October 17 at the Campaign and Investigation Division, City Treasurer’s Office, City Hall.

As to the guidelines released, selling of candles and flowers are from October 26 to November 1 at the Ganza Parking area, formerly Jadewell Parking area, Burnham Park.

Along with the application forms to be submitted are two copies of 2” x 2” photo, barangay business clearance and residence certificate (CEDULA), photocopy of any valid Identification Card and payment/official receipt of residential garbage 2017.

A total of P1,020 will be collected: 350 for business tax; P200 for mayor’s permit; P100 for garbage fee; P55 for sewerage fee; P80 for electricity and P350 (P50/day) for the use of the area. All payments of taxes and fees will be at the One-Stop-Shop.

Assignment of stall/slot number will be given after the evaluation on the completeness of the requirements submitted.

Applicants must be a bonafide residents of Baguio, of legal age, and had no violations on Oplan Kaluluwa for the past previous years.

Only applications with complete requirements will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The guidelines set from the city treasurer’s office states: allowed goods to be sold are candles, cut flowers, potted flowers and other floral materials needed for floral arrangement; strictly no swapping and subleasing of stalls; no cooking of foods within the area; no gambling in the area; stall owners are responsible for the cleanliness of the area; special permit must be posted at all times at their respective stalls; tent must be uniform in size and color; strictly no retail of flowers at any allowed bagsakan areas; and violation of the policies will mean no permit for the next three years.

The annual Oplan Kaluluwa program aims to ease difficulties for citizens going to the city’s public and private cemeteries. /Jho Arranz


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