Opposition to night market extensions to be studied

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan said the Baguio City Market Authority (BCMA) will study the alleged opposition raised by the various jeepney operators and drivers using Perfecto St. as their terminals against the use of the whole stretch of the road as the extension site of the night market being conducted along a portion of Harrison road.

The local chief executive revealed that the BCMA will be inviting the different jeepney associations using Perfecto St. as their terminals to inquire from them if their operations extend up to midnight so that the members will know how to adjust to the prevailing situation in the area.

He explained the use of Harison road as an exit for jeepneys parked along Perfecto St. is rendered useless starting from 9 pm which is the start of the night market operations because the said road is virtually closed, thus, the exit of jeepneys still loading passengers will be along Jose Abad Santos Drive, thus, it is surprising to know why are the jeepney drivers and operators opposing the planned extension of the night market along Perfecto St. starting at 9 pm.

“We appeal to the concerned sectors who are complaining against the alleged early display of goods being done by some night market vendors that obstruct the smooth flow of traffic in the area to positively identify the said night market vendors so that the BCMA will decide on the penalties that will be imposed against them that could result to their expulsion from pursuing their trade,” Domogan stressed.

He added one of the reasons why the BCMA approved the extension of the night market along Perfecto St. is to allow the spaces allotted to the vendors to be widened to prevent overcrowding along Harrison road and to accommodate the hundreds of walk in vendors wanting to also do business in the night market area.

Based on data obtained from the City Treasury Office, there are at least 100 walk in vendors who always try their luck to sell their goods in the night market area daily but only at least 5 of them are usually accommodated in the areas that are not being paid by the legitimate night market vendors.

According to him, the local government wants to aggressively promote the night market as one of the tourist attractions in the city because the goods that are being sold in the area are affordable and visitors always make it a point to spend their time visiting the night market area to try their luck to be able to purchase quality goods among others.

He admitted that the night market has provided more than 1,000 vendors with sustainable sources of livelihood, added income to the local government and one of the most preferred destinations in the city, especially that the night market area is located right within the central business district area.

Domogan appealed to those who are opposing the extension of the night market along Perfecto St. to be considerate on the needs of the increasing number of walk in vendors to also sell their goods in the night market area because the problems being raised by those against the extension could be easily addressed during the conduct of the needed consultations with them. /By Dexter A. See


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