Our House made of Glass

What if you are living in a house that is made up of glass that everything you do, good or bad, can be seen by the entire world and the whole world is free to condemn everything about it like they never made any mistake. Would you like to live in that house? Most probably your answer is NO. Nobody likes that.

Unfortunately, in this era we have all unknowingly made a house of glass where people see everything about us. We have when we signed up in the internet and created accounts on those social platform places where we put everything about us.

Long time ago, to know someone you must talk to them and to their friends personally, nowadays you can simply go to whatever they have in the internet and everything you want to know about them is there. This is the time and place we are in now. People can see everything about us may it be greatness, idiosyncrasies, and our naked bodies. (unfortunately)

The consequence of that is people now became so very critical to other people and to some their lives revolves around looking for other peoples mistake condemning it and spreading the mistake so others can give their righteous insights too. The degree of condescension people have now is dramatically over the top.

An example of this is the recent event that happened to a YouTuber named Logan Paul. He made a vlog about his trip in the Suicide Forest of Japan and published it in his channel. Though suicide is a serious matter and some of what he did in video is not acceptable, it would also be unacceptable if we are too righteous in condemning him and start a campaign of hating him. In doing that, you are sending the world a message that you never make mistake and also you are making the wall of your Glass house cleaner so the people can see even the tiniest mistake you’ll do. Everybody makes mistake and he had been punished enough.

What we can do now is to show understanding and let him redeem himself. We must learn to condemn the wrong act and hate the wrong doings but love and guide the person who committed the wrong deed. We must always remember the “Golden Rule”, “Do unto others what you want others to Do unto You” it a rule that will never change even at this time of House made of glass.


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