Our Primal Behavior

It is often believed that humans are the most dangerous creature on the face of the planet. In order to survive, they have to destroy the natural order of things. And most of the time, in order to survive, they have to destroy each other.

This primal human behavior still exist even to this modern age even after thousands of evolutional process. Today, this behavior metastasized to power tripping and using the position someone had to get his way. Whether these people knew it or not, this behavior is destructive to everyone and to the world. Here are some vivid examples of this primal behavior.

A CEO of the company, wants to expand his business but he would be destroying some forest and natural resources. But because of his primal behavior, he would care less about this and would do anything in his power to get his way. A politician wanting to be recognized as the greatest catalyst of change will do anything beyond his power even it means disrespecting the human rights to be recognized as such. A Principal who always thinks of herself and image rather than working for the betterment of the children and his teacher will bend the rules and the truth to come up on top.

The process of evolution, helps the world to move forward and to bring us to a higher pedestal. To us humans, we are fortunate enough that we are given some options on what we should develop. As the human of the modern age, we need to let go of this primal behavior. Let us evolve to become a person of the modern age caring for the other creatures and preventing further destruction of the human race.#


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