Parking Fee Collections in Burnham Nets 2M

Parking Fee Collections in Burnham Nets 2M

May 23, 2015

BAGUIO CITY – the City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO), Burnham Park Office is seeing a huge increase in parking fees in this mountain resort.

This increase is partly due to the re-opening of the Ganza Pay parking area to address the lack of parking spaces within the Central Business District (CBD) especially during peak tourist influx.

The pay parking facility started operation on April 2 to effect memorandum 079-2015 issued by Mayor Mauricio Domogan to the CEPMO.

In its initial 12-day period of operations, the city collected P68,704.00 in pay parking fees for the Ganza area alone under the CEPMO-Burnham Park Office.

The Pay Parking collections of Burnham Park for January to April alone has already reached P1,711,217.00.

Presently, the total collections for the parking facility is now P958,294.00 covering the period April 1 to May 14 for the main parking area which collected 498,065.00, the Off-street parking with collections of P227,554.00 and the Ganza Parking Area with collections of P232,675.00.

The Ganza parking facility was formerly operated by Jadewell Parking Systems Corporation for a maximum 12-year pay parking agreement signed in 2000 between the corporation and the city government.

The contract however was rescinded in 2006 due to opposition from the public of the on and off street parking scheme which resulted to the elevation of the issue into a full blown legal battle which to date is still awaiting final ruling from the Supreme Court (SC).

Presently, the facility is being manned by CEPMO personnel in coordination with the City Treasury Office (CTO) for the collection of parking fees pursuant to existing rules and regulations.

The facility is presently collecting P35.00 for the first two hours of parking and P10.00 for every succeeding hour.

The income derived from the Burnham Park pay parking facility is deposited to the trust fund to defray operational and maintenance expenses of the park./Paul Rillorta


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