Performance of contractors to be monitored

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan ordered relevant city government offices to strictly do performance monitoring of projects implemented by contractors as part of evaluating their future capacity to implement projects.

The local chief exectuvie expressed disappointment over the lackluster performance of almost all contractors who are implementing projects causing extreme inconvenience to the public.

“The city must have its own record of the previous performance of all contractors participating in the bidding of projects as basis for the Bids and Awards Committee in assessing whether or not they deserve to be awarded projects. We have to do this because it seems contractors are taking us for granted by being deaf to the plight of the public as shown by their poor quality works,” Domogan stressed.

The city mayor ordered from now on, the concerned offices of the local government must keep the records of the contractors and project engineers assigned to such projects.

According to him, the track record of contractors should now weigh in ascertaining which contractor will be awarded projects and for the BAC not to solely rely on the stipulation of bidders because repeatedly awarding projects to poor performing contractors would mean tolerating the poor quality of their works.

He explained to the concerned department heads that people are not aware that there are other government agencies in charge of prosecuting public works projects and it is now necessary for them to assess and evaluate the performance of contractors so the city and the public works department are guided in determining future contractors for city projects.

Aside from bearing the brunt of public criticism for inconvenience caused by poor performance of contractors, Domogan pointed out that in cases of accidents due to project works, on national and local roads, the local government is held liable, thus, the need for due diligence on the part of department heads in order for the city to get the best quality project implementation./By Dexter A. See


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