Performing barangays feted

BAGUIO CITY – Seven special awards were given to performing barangays in the city of Baguio during the 26th Local Government Day last Oct. 10 at the Baguio Convention Center.

It is remembered that mayor Mauricio Domogan created the Best Performing Committee for the Search for the Best Performing Barangay 2017 in the city through administrative order no. 007.

The search aims to monitor, evaluate and validate all the performances of the 128 barangays based on seven sectors – barangay administration and governance; environmental management; social services; health, wellness, nutrition and sanitation services; peace and order; public safety and competitive edge.

Unfortunately, all the 128 barangays were not able to meet the criteria standard of the city of at least garnering a rate of 80% and above in all the 7 sectors in order to be declared top performing barangay.

However, special awards were given to barangays who performed well in the different sectors.

Middle Quezon Hill is the champion for the Best Child-Friendly barangay with Brookside as the first-runner up and Irisan as the second runner-up.

Awarded to be the Best Senior Citizen Association is Irisan – champion, Middle Quezon Hill – 1st runner-up and Brookspoint – 2nd runner-up.

Barangay Irisan again is the winner for Best PWD Friendly barangay while Lower Rock Quarry is the 1st runner-up and Loakan Proper is the 2nd runner-up.

Winning the Best Barangay Women Organization is Sto. Tomas Proper while South Sanitary Camp – 1st runner-up and Brookside – 2nd runner-up.

Best Lupong Tagapamayapa was awarded to Imelda Village, Lourdes Extension – 1st runner-up and Middle Quezon Hill – 2nd runner-up.

Imelda Village is the champion for Best Performing Barangay Nutrition Committee, Upper Quezon Hill- 1st runner-up, and both City Camp Proper and Lower Quirino Hill – 2nd runners-up.

Awarded to the winner for Barangay with Best Sanitation Practices is SLU-SVP – champion, Middle Quezon Hill – 1st runner-up and Upper Rock Quarry – 2nd runner-up.

Winning the Cleanest and Greenest Barangay is Middle Quezon Hill while Imelda Village is the 1st runner-up and Lualhati, 2nd runner-up.

Best Barangay Peace and order Committee was awarded to Middle Quirino Hill, 1st runner-up is Irisan and 2nd runner-up is Burnham-Legarda.

Meanwhile, four barangays declared to be drug free were also recognized. They are Country Club Village, Upper Dagsian, Happy Hallow and Lower General Luna.

All the champions received plaques of recognition plus P50,000 cash incentive each and certificates of recognition for the 1st runners-up and 2nd runners-up.

Moreover, the 21 performing barangays were also announced. They are Imelda Village, Irisan, Middle Quirino Hill, City Camp Proper, Upper Rock Quarry, Upper Quezon Hill, Middle Quezon Hill, Lourdes Extension, Atok Trail, Upper General Luna, Happy Hallow, Holy Ghost Proper, Brookside, Pacdal, Bakakeng Central, San Antonio Village, MRR Queen of Peace, West Bayan Park, Camdas Subdivision, Lualhati, and Pinsao Pilot.

In his message, Domogan gave emphasis on the importance of delivery of public service, cooperation and teamwork.

He urged and encouraged the barangay officials to help each other in the development of the city. Whatever accomplishments and achievements we will have will soon be realized by the next generation, added Domogan.

Meanwhile, the city is in the process of institutionalizing the Search for Best Performing Barangays in the city of Baguio providing policies of the local government to give due recognition to barangays that demonstrate excellence on local governance, upholding the standards of transparency, integrity and prompt service delivery. /Jho Arranz


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