“Pista ng Pagbabago Sa LTFRB”

Read from the Programme of Activities that LTFRB published, the celebration of its 30th Anniversary this year will run for a week from June 14 to June 19 to be held in Quezon City with a Theme: “Pista ng Pagbabago sa LTFRB.”

Just like the LTFRB’s observance of Anniversary in the past many years, I have lost my count, the week-long celebration this year as seen from the Programme will be lavishly festive like a true “pista” indeed. What with the games and awarding of winners in the Sports fest, the Gala Night presentation by the respective regions and probably the sumptuous meals during the week. No doubt the participant employees will return to their respective regions with joyful memories.

I shall have to ask though: Will the object of the Theme “Pista ng Pagbabago sa LTFRB” be achieved by this celebration? I doubt! Save probably for the scheduled signing of MOA for the Driver’s Academy and the signing of the Omnibus Franchising Guidelines which can be done anyway in other days without much ado, I bet nothing much will be accomplished during this celebration meeting as to cause changes in the old system, procedures and values of LTFRB personnel. The same inefficiencies and irregularities or even worse, mind you, are bound to happen and repeat themselves.

The “Pagbabago” that the celebration intended to achieve could have started outright if LTFRB truly wanted it that way, by reducing to only 2 or 3 days including the weekend the celebration of the 30th Anniversary. That way, the needed transaction and service to the public would not have been deprived them. Why, in the beginning the LTFRB would make the celebration last in only 2 days in observance of austerity measures, yet efficiency of service to the public can easily be seen.

Why can’t the LTFRB do the same as it has done before? There is greater demand for better service now in the face of complexities in transportation need owing to rapidly increasing population.


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