PNoy squanders “daang matuwid” campaign

PNoy squanders “daang matuwid” campaign

Volume XVII NO. 35 (June 21-27, 2014)

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart…” (2 Timothy 2:22, the Holy Bible).

PNOY SQUANDERED “DAANG MATUWID” CAMPAIGN: It would seem that President Aquino is fast squandering—if he has not fully squandered it yet—whatever beneficial legacy that he intended to give to the Filipino people through his world-famous “righteous governance” program.

If we are to judge his government now based on media and man-on-the-street reactions to what is happening in the Philippines today, it seems his program didn’t do anything at all to improve the country and its people. I mean, everybody is still complaining about non-stop “increases” in many sectors of society, which have made life more bitter and more difficult, in a scale unprecedented in our history.

What are these “non-stop increases”? Well, the public is referring to increases in the prices of prime commodities such as rice and basic grocery items, in the prices of petroleum products and also of tuition fees, as well as increases in criminality, corruption, and even in the number of illegal foreigners entering the country. I don’t know if Noynoy will be happy leaving this kind of a legacy after his term.

PNOY DIDN’T MEET EXPECTATIONS OF FILIPINOS: By and large, Noynoy has not measured up to the grand expectations he had raised as a presidential candidate in 2010. The hope he inspired when he was campaigning for the presidency, riding high on the tenets of a “daang matuwid” program, has all but dissipated, because every Filipino is now in agreement that there was really no “righteous governance”, as nothing really changed, under his term.

Relative to the foregoing, may I re-publish what I wrote several years back: “In fact, the biggest challenge of any president who will serve the country for only a very brief period of six years is to discard grandiose illusions that he, by himself, can do something that will really benefit the nation as a whole, even if he happens to have come from so-called democracy icons, or from parents who are revered worldwide.

“Even if he is the president who has the vast powers of the government at his beck and call, he cannot do anything that will push the country and its people towards success and progress, as President Aquino maybe painfully finding out now.

DO A SOLOMON, PNOY! “Only God can do something, and the best legacy that any president can ever leave is to bring his people to a better understanding and familiarity of God so they can start being righteous and spiritually revived.

“Any president of this country who is aware of the six-year limitation of his term must strive to follow the example of the greatest human king of all, King Solomon, to enable him to rule effectively and successfully.

“When asked by God as to what he wanted after having been installed as king of the Israelites even when he was yet a minor, Solomon did not ask for wealth and riches, nor for the death of his enemies, but for knowledge to rule. God gave it to him, allowing him to become a king like no other.”

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