PNP Buys Overpriced Patrol Jeeps

PNP Buys Overpriced Patrol Jeeps

May 9, 2015

Zaldy Buendia – Quezon City | I couldn’t really believe when Mar Roxas said that the 210 new units of modified KIA2700 vehicles cost almost 1.9 million pesos each. I thought he was joking, but he wasn’t. It looks like the Filipinos are being robbed again. People who know nothing about vehicle prices would ignore the news about these newly procured vehicles worth a total of 397 million pesos, but people like me who have been in buying and selling vehicles business for a decade would take this issue seriously. I am a good taxpayer and it hurts to know that my tax is being spent unwisely.

The Vehicle These vehicles are modified version of Kia K2700 and are brand new. The cost of unmodified version according to my local Kia dealership is around 950,000 pesos  if paid cash. This is a 4×2 with FB-type body and dual air-condition.

The Modification The modified version has the following. Prices are based on my own shop’s pricing (Already overpriced on 4×4 modification).

·12,000 pounds capacity winch (cost around 50,000 pesos brand new)
·Warning lights (costs around 15,000 pesos)
·Front drive to make it 4-wheel drive (transfer case and front differential and other mechanisms costs around 80,000 pesos)
·Sidings/wall of the body has been removed (less around 5,000 for materials)
·Dual swing type air-con has been removed (less around 10,000 for air condition)

To sum it up, P950,000 (original price), plus P50,000 (winch), plus P15,000 (warning lights), plus P80,000 (front drive), minus P10,000 (dual air-con), minus P5,000 (metal sheet on sidings and upholstery

The total cost would be P1,080,000. Let’s add P20,000 as agent commission and another P50,000 for some other collective modifications, the final total cost would be around P1,150,000. This is far different from the declared P1.89 million. Where did the P740,000 go? Considering this is a bulk order, there should be a discount of at least P50,000 pesos each unit. It looks like some P155M has just been pocketed safely.
Zaldy Buendia is a car enthusiast and owns a car repair shop in Quezon City See Also: Philippine Politics is Second Most Profitable Business in Asia, Money Magazine Says /


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