Pork Barrel Scam makes PH the laughing stock of the world!!!

Pork Barrel Scam makes PH the laughing stock of the world!!!

Unbelievable and Incredible! Is there any other word to describe the Billion Pesos Pork barrel scam? What else is not yet being revealed to the public? Whose other Honorable PDAFs have gone the same route as the Napoles billion-peso deals? It’s funny, but how come we are all focusing on Napoles? Why give her too much credit for this? She may have been the mastermind, still she could not have pulled this off without the willing accomplices. So now the hugas-kamay scenario of the willing accomplice-Honorables will be that Napoles falsified all their signatures! Mamati ka! What about the Commission on Audit (COA)? They are supposed to audit the usage of the funds, where were they? What about the Department of Budget of Management (DBM)? How come they approved the release of the funds without the required due diligence to make sure of the purpose of funding? What about the alleged local-level officials who claimed that their signatures were faked like the Mayor’s etc? Do you believe the crap that all their signatures were faked? And the most hilarious and ridiculous piece of crap said so far by some lawmakers is that they have no way of monitoring and/or making sure of the implementation of their PDAF! My GOD, up to when will the Filipinos be subjected to such insulting statements, or better yet up to when will the Filipinos accept such insulting statements?

Accordingly, the scam goes this way – between 50%- 70% of the amount earmarked to the dummy NGO of Napoles goes to the lawmaker. All it takes is the signature of the lawmaker and no sweat, 50%- 70% is advanced by Napoles to Mr. Lawmaker and the remaining 30% is chopped up by Napoles between the DBM, COA, Local Official (if necessary), Executive Official, herself, and others.

I truly pity the millions of self-respecting OFWs and Migrant Filipinos who now can no longer keep their heads up high because of this mother of all scams, the worst of the worst not because of its enormity but simply because the players involved are the Honorable Lawmakers, the Senatongs, the Tongressmen, the officers of the Executive, the very people who are sworn to uphold the Philippine Constitution and love this country, and not bastardize it. I pity myself because I cannot defend this particular scam to my foreign contacts and simply relegate this to one of those isolated scams. This whole scam is a perfect example of a Major Failure of the system. This Napoles et. al. scam makes our former Congressman Vergara look like a saint! I can only wish that we do not give all the credit to Napoles but also give the credit to the lawmakers (lawbreakers) involved for they equally are, or are more deserving of credit, as Napoles could not have pulled this off without their willing participation.

Who says we are not the most corrupt country in Asia and among the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world? Daang Matuwid, as I have always been saying is one fancy worthless hypocritical slogan, no more no less!!!

In the meantime, with the recent unfolding of events wherein Napoles can no longer be located, I am willing to bet my One Peso. Napoles will no longer be found and all the blame will simply fall on her lap. Kasalanan niya lahat, siya ang may gawa ng lahat, kawawang mga Senatong at Tongresman sila ay mga naloko at nagamit lang at ang dapat na sisihin at ibitay ay si Napoles. Case closed, end of scenario, next scenario pls!!!


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