Project Puraw in full swing this month

BAGUIO CITY – Some 2,000 houses in the four barangays of the famous carabao mountain or Quirino Hill will be painted with earth colors under the tourism department’s Project Puraw which is expected to be in full swing this month.

Concerned barangay city and barangay officials, together with representatives from the central and regional offices of the tourism department, met at the closed gymnasium of Middle Quirino Hill to discuss the mechanics on how the painting of the houses will be done.

It was agreed that the roofs of the houses will be painted white and house owners can select their desired earth colors for the outside walls of their structures from Boysen Paints which include Makati Haze, My Sanctuary, Robin’s Hood, Matted Rug, Oliverio, Stepping Stone, Dusty Trail and Ginger Bread which are all shades of brown, green and yellow.

Middle Quirino Hill Punong Barangay Genesis Gallente said many of the residents objected to the planned painting of the houses with pure white but when the tourism department came out with an alternative to paint the sidings of their houses with earth colors, many of them already decided to support the implementation of Project Puraw.

Project Puraw is one of the flagship project of DOT-CAR regional director Maria Venus Q. Tan to help boost the growth of the local tourism industry and provide domestic and foreign visitors with alternative attractions.

The four barangays of the project are Lower Quirino Hill, Middle Quirino Hill, East Quirino Hill and West Quirino Hill.

Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan said if Project Puraw will be successful in the Qurino Hill, then it might be possible that it could be replicated in other parts of the city to provide added value for residents and visitors.

Earlier, numerous residents raised an uproar on the planned painting of their houses with pure white as it will make their houses look like tombs in a cemetery, thus, the need to incorporate an added color to at least neutralize the situation.

Aside from being an added tourist attraction in the city, Tan claimed Project Puraw will definitely help in addressing the serious negative effects of climate change considering the impact of while color in efforts to preserve and protect the environment.

The DOT-Car official expressed her gratitude to city and barangay officials and the residents of the Quirino Hill barangays for appreciating the benefits of the project that add attraction to the city.

Boysen Paints will provide the supply of quality paints to be used by the residents in the re-painting of their houses to conform to the standards of Project Puraw whereby the roofs of their structures will be painted pure with the sidings in earth colors to depict a pendant when viewed from a distance./By Dexter A. See#


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