Proposed ordinance regulating fun runs undergo major changes

BAGUIO CITY – the Proposed Ordinance prescribing rules and regulations in the conduct of fun run and other footraces in the summer capital will undergo major changes.

This after the Committee on Youth Welfare and Sports Development led by Councilor Michael Lawana conducted its first public hearing on the proposed ordinance.

Lawana said, “the main purpose of the public hearing is to gather inputs from the different stakeholders with regards the measure before the same will be passed for approval.”

The growing popularity of running events in the city gave rise to the proposed law that will prescribe regulations in order that the safety and wellbeing of runners is prioritized as well as the liability of organizers in case issues arise.

The measure will also define the different roles that the stakeholders will be playing to ensure that any event held in the city will be successful and limit inconvenience to the public.

This includes the temporary closure of roads during such events and the automatic cancellation of runs during inclement weather where the organizer is tasked to inform ahead of time the Sports Development Office of the cancellation.

Councilor Peter Fianza also added a new provision for inclusion in the proposed ordinance that seeks to accredit fun run organizers before they can stage any footrace event in the city.

This he said will ensure that local organizers are prioritized.

Lawana meanwhile added, “that organizers outside the city will have to tie-up with accredited local organizers before they can stage an event.”

As per the non-refundable regulatory fee, the provision was changed to a bond which the organizer will deposit to the city government before a permit it issued.

The bond will be returned to the organizer after an assessment has been done for the event.

The proposed ordinance will also put in place the different documents needed including mandatory requirements for organizers before any running event will be staged.

Another public consultation will be scheduled before its approval./Paul Rillorta


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