Proposed salary increase, a pittance and an insult to public school teachers

Cordillera public school teachers are still clamoring the government for a substantial salary increase despite the proposal from the Aquino administration. The salary increase approved by this administration shows how oblivious Pres. BS Aquino is to the plight of public school teachers.

In the proposal, which is embodied in House Bill 6268 for the Salary Standardization Law of 2015, government employees who occupy low- and middle-level positions are the “biggest losers” while those occupying top posts already enjoying high pay are in a more favorable position. This is classic “divide-and-rule” tactic by the government that is being run like a corporation instead of a public service provider.

ACT Teachers Party-list Rep. Antonio Tinio said that a “measly” Php2,205-increase in four years will be given to a Teacher 1. This translates to a mere 12% increase while executive level positions will experience 77% (SG 25) to 233% (SG 33, Step 2) increases.

Our clamor for substantial salary increase that recognizes our rights and dignity as educators will continue in the face of this pittance and insult to public school teachers. The last time that teachers’ wages were raised was in 2009. Rep. Tinio introduced HB 245 last year to increase the minimum monthly salary of teachers to Php25,000 (from Php18,549 for Teacher 1) and non-teaching personnel to Php15,000 (from Php9,000).

Approve House Bill 245! Upgrade teachers’ salary!

Increase education budget to 6% of the country’s GDP!/For reference:Thomas Milanes, Public Information Officer, ACT Union CAR, Roxas National High School/Ruel Caricativo, Regional Coordinator, ACT Union CAR


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