Protect Our Teachers

While going around my humble country side talking and sharing stories with the teachers I knew, veterans and neophytes alike. I have reached a conclusion that is seemed to be shocking at the same time saddening in a way that it affects our teachers, the institution of education itself, the children, the future and eventually our country.

Nowadays , a lot of lawmakers are making a lot of child protection laws whether their trying to protect our children or they are trying to make their name known. The problem with this is that because of those numerous restrictions and shields protecting the child, the teachers are now helpless and the worst part, the teachers are too vulnerable to a lot of complaints and accusation of child abuse.

Not to discredit the importance of this law, it has been used to protect some or a lot of children under abusive teachers and parents alike. It has opened the eyes of people that right too. The only problem is that it has also been used to destroy and belittle the names of those teachers whose only vision is to prepare the child for the future. There had been stories, and its pretty much common to every places I’ve been, about children concocting and exaggerating stories then here comes the parents confronting the teacher without prior investigation citing violation of the child protection act. Then there would be talks with the local officials till it was resolved or not..This process drains the energy of an enthusiastic teacher which later will result to just leaving those children do what they want to do so you won’t have that trouble again.

Eventually, the child is not prepared for his/her future. The education system will be affected as the quality of education decreases, and the society won’t prosper because our investment, which is the readiness of the children, is not enough..

I think it is high time for the congress to write a teacher protection law so that the teachers will be protected against such things. After all, every body agrees that without teachers other professions would never exist.


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