Protest Culture

I cannot recall a time in the Philippine history where people never protested on anything. It seems so easy for everyone now to go to the streets and shout to your hearts content and express their discontent on a matter that they don’t even understand.

This week the Philippines hosted the 31st ASEAN Summit wherein the different leaders o the countries around the world attended. As usual we have what we are having every time there is an event like this. Protesters having a bashing game against the National police, a burning of different artwork that was made creatively in a grotesque manner and of course you’ll be reading it the news, burning of effigy at the Protest avenue.

Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder what is on the mind of the people who are attending this event. It would be impossible to think that this people are really standing for the cause that was written on the board they are holding. What is the motivation for them to go there? I can only think of one thing and I hope I’m wrong, it’s about money. I can’t blame them if that’s the reason, given the fact that they are also thinking of their survival. But if we really wanted change we have to think differently. Ask yourself if you’re being paid as an instrument of ambitious people’s agenda. Would you like to be as such? Or would you like to be the one to start the movement that will cut this protest culture? Let’s be the latter. Have the courage to be on the starting line.


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